08/26/20 ZeGeVege festival has been canceled, organizers announce a surprise

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Due to the growth in the number of people infected by a coronavirus and the inability to meet and satisfy necessary and regulated arrangements, the ZeGeVege festival has been canceled

- Instead of ZeGeVege festival, Animal Friends Croatia is preparing online events and sensations in the center of Zagreb

Animal Friends Croatia as an organizer of a very popular ZeGeVege festival which was scheduled to take place on 11th and 12th of September, has informed the public that due to inability to meet and satisfy anti-epidemic arrangements, is regretfully canceling this – favorite to the many – two-days festival of sustainable living. From AFC, it has been announced that during days which were scheduled for ZeGeVege festival, at the same place, Zagreb's main square, all lovers of animal rights, the richness of vegan diet, clean planet and healthy body and spirit, will be treated with a surprise.

„With great enthusiasm, we have tackled preparations for ZeGeVege festival which, by its positive energy and unique educational and entertaining program attracts several tens of thousands of visitors and represents the unavoidable touristic attraction not only in Zagreb but in whole Croatia as well. Yet, due to the continuance of deterioration within the epidemic situation and after consulting a Civil protection headquarters, we have concluded that it is, despite our best will, physically impossible to ensure all epidemic arrangements to be respected, in order for ZeGeVege to be fully secure for a large number of participants which, in those two days, hurry to the main Zagreb's square. Therefore, we were forced to regretfully make this difficult choice of canceling this year's ZeGeVege festival“ – as stated from AFC.

They have also stated that despite the inability to „take over“ the center of Zagreb and make it a vegan oasis with numerous exhibitors of plant-based food, ecologic products, cruelty-free cosmetics, restaurants offering delicious vegan meals, dancing, and music performances, plenty of lectures, cooking workshops and degustations, they will still do their best to bring the spirit of optimism and health onto Ban Jelačić square. „By organizing Internet events with useful information on various aspects of veganism, animal rights, ecology, and sustainable living as well as with a sensation we're preparing at the Square, we shall try to point to and to show all the benefits and needfulness for transferring to a vegan diet“ – they highlighted.

They thank for the support and sponsorship for ZeGeVege festival to the Croatian Parlament President's office, President of Croatia's office, City of Zagreb, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of environment and energetic protection, Croatian Economic Chamber – sector for tourism, Teaching Institute for public health dr. Andrija Štampar and others who have recognized the goals of ZeGeVege; the importance of promoting environment and nature protection, biodiversity, own health, saving animals, and a struggle for stopping the Earth pollution.

ZeGeVege festival of sustainable living is a part of International manifestation Veganmania which, besides Zagreb, takes place also in Vienna, Munich, and 15 other European cities. Due to new coronavirus pandemics, organizers were forced to cancel similar events in other European cities as well.

Considering a lot of time invested in this organization, it was a very tough decision for AFC to cancel ZeGeVege which was scheduled to take place 13th year in a row. But despite this hard year, they still have and cherish their purpose of spreading positives and advocating for a better, more righteous, and more beautiful world for all living beings.



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