09/23/23 Survey for Students about Vegan Meals

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Animal Friends Croatia asked students for their opinions on introducing vegan options in student cafeterias.

- The campaign continues for plant-based food to be made available to all students regardless of their diet choices

Animal Friends Croatia invites all students to participate in a survey on introducing vegan meals at student cafeterias and dorm restaurants. The objective of the study is to gather students’ opinions on the need to introduce vegan options in student meals regardless of their diet choices to better understand their habits and wishes.

The group has invited all students to complete the survey, support the important campaign, and help introduce positive change regarding student dietary choices.

Animal Friends Croatia emphasizes that introducing vegan meals at student cafeterias and restaurants is hugely important, both for students’ own health but also for animal welfare and the protection of the environment. This initiative reflects a growing interest among students in ethical and environmentally sustainable dietary options. A vegan meal can be an option for all from time to time while ensuring vegan students have the right to a meal of their choice.
Many countries have recognized this need with public institutions worldwide already offering vegan options, taking this issue even further by providing a meat-free day a week for all. Student cafeterias in Berlin and Oxford are going entirely vegan to demonstrate to students the importance of necessary changes in diet due to climate change.

Croatia significantly lags behind when it comes to encouraging low-carbon footprint plant-based meals despite the fact that the Croatian Parliament adopted the Low Carbon Footprint Strategy back in 2021.

The student population has the largest share of vegans and many students do not want to be forced to consume only meals that have animal ingredients. An analysis of current cafeteria menus has shown that the vegetarian options predominantly contain milk, cheese, cream and/or eggs, and generally lack taste. Vegan students are reduced to eating side dishes. They often remain hungry and must spend further funds to eat outside student cafeterias even though they should have the right to equal meal options.

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