05/14/19 Introduce Vegan Meals in Student Restaurants, They are Good for Everyone

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On the occasion of the Open Door Days of Associations, Animal Friends Croatia organize interesting events and petition signing

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- May 16: promotional stand and vegan meals tasting for students; May 17: documentary projection, gathering with cakes and pancakes

On the occasion of the Open Days of Associations, Animal Friends organize a rich and cheerful program for all those interested in the work of one of the most active organizations in Croatia. On Thursday, May 16, 2019, starting at 1 PM, in front of the Zagreb Student Center, everyone will be offered to taste delicious vegan dishes and to sign a petition for introducing vegan meals as an option in public institutions, which will be available on the exhibit stand of the association up until 8 PM. The next day, on July 17, 2019, in Animal Friends office at Jurišićeva Street 25, at 5 PM starts a projection of a documentary „Live and Let Live“, featuring the biggest names of the animal rights movement, such as Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Gary Francione, and Melanie Joy. Through personal stories of six individuals, the film explores our relationship to animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, ecological and health reasons that encourage people to go vegan. The event will continue as a casual socializing, sweetened with cakes and pancakes.

Through the activities during the Open Days, everyone is welcome to get acquainted with the work of Animal Friends and find out how to help through volunteering, donating and other ways. But due to the great student interest in expanding restaurant menus with vegan meals, the emphasis of this year's Open Door Days is precisely on the appeal to the competent institutions to provide the basic right to a meal of choice, not only in student restaurants but also in schools and kindergartens. Namely, in the last ten years, the number of vegans has increased drastically in Croatia and in the world, but the meal choices in student restaurants and other public institutions are critically absent.

Therefore, Animal Friends point out that the introduction of vegan meals to the restaurants would satisfy the need for a healthy meal of the students that are vegan because of animals, health and the environment, those who have allergies or diabetes, and also those who occasionally want a vegan meal because the herbal foods are suitable for all, regardless of their usual diet. A vegan diet is healthier and just as tasty as a diet containing ingredients of animal origin, but vegan meals are cheaper and the preparation is simpler. Many groceries that are purchased for the student restaurants are already vegan and they could make up excellent dishes.

Animal Friends Croatia state that they will be available to student restaurants for the introduction of vegan meals, to help with their knowledge and many years of experience with a vegan diet, as well as with the chefs and nutritionists they work with. They consider it important that students have the opportunity and the incentive to eat healthier and more sustainable, thus showing concern for both the environment and student health.

„In the 21st century, there is no reason why would a student or a pupil be hungry and deprived of the basic right to choose a meal type due to their diet choices", Animal Friends said, inviting everyone to sign a petition and come taste vegan meals. The petition can also be signed here.

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