05/16/22 What happened to the implementation of the Low Carbon Development Strategy?

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It is impossible to fight the climate crisis without changing our diet and conscience

- Animal Friends Croatia proposes for local communities to supply only vegan catering for receptions

In June 2021, the Croatian Parliament adopted the Low Carbon Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia Until 2030 With a View to 2050. The document is a key plan for the reduction of climate change and the prevention of global warming. It states two important points: “…an additional significant (direct and indirect) reduction of greenhouse gas emissions could be achieved with changes in the human dietary habits, i.e., measures that would encourage higher consumption of food of plant origin,” and “Growing cereals for animal feed produces much more greenhouse gases than producing cereals for human consumption. By increasing the consumption of foods of plant origin in the diet, significant reductions in emissions can be achieved, as well as water savings.”

“It has been a year since the Low Carbon Development Strategy was adopted and almost nothing has been done with regards to the two points above, even though their implementation would require modest financial resources. Therefore, we had to act and call on to cities and municipalities to contribute to the implementation of the Strategy at least symbolically by serving only plant-based food at official meetings and receptions,” state Animal Friends Croatia.

Other proposals for local communities include:

While we seek to make at least small steps in Croatia, other countries are determinedly walking towards the promotion of a plant-based diet. The Danish Government has announced it would invest up to 168 million Euros in the production of plant-based food, while Northern Ireland is planning to significantly reduce the breeding of sheep, cattle, and chicken.

A person following a vegan diet can annually save over 1,5 million liters of water, 6,500 kilos of cereal, 1,000 square meters of forest soil and over 3,300 kilos of carbon. Thus, Animal Friends Croatia concludes that we need to turn to the production of plant-based food and the promotion of higher consumption of fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals, seeds, nuts, as well as ready-made products such as plant-based milk, cheeses, pâtés, burgers, and sausages. Considering the enormous consumption of animal meat, milk, and eggs in Croatia, even the smallest of steps are essential.

Every individual can contribute significantly to the prevention of climate change. The most important factors are education and concrete steps taken; thus, Animal Friends Croatia recommends starting by watching the movies

Cowspiracy” and „Seaspiracy” and joining in the Vege challenge at www.veganopolis.net.

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