07/22/21 By choosing plant-based foods, we can stop global warming

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Heavy rains, which caused flooding and deaths of many people and animals throughout West Germany and Belgium, but also caused major problems in some places in Croatia, have reopened the question of the need to fight climate change. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the flood a "clear indicator of climate change" and "something that really, really shows the urgency to act”, and German President Frank Walter Steinmeier and Environment Minister Svenja Schulze also invited action.

Animal Friends Croatia state that it is clear that these catastrophic floods, causing frightening torrents and landslides, are very much related to climate change. They state that the situation is already alarming and that it is necessary for each of us to be educated on how to participate in stopping climate changes, and thus the occurrence of floods and other natural disasters.

Raising animals for meat, eggs and milk has a devastating effect on the environment and natural resources and has a huge impact on climate change. It is a frightening fact that raising animals for meat, eggs and milk impacts global warming more than all the world’s traffic and that it is responsible for 65% of nitrous oxide emissions, which are 296 times more destructive than CO2. The data that more than 80 billion animals are raised in the world every day on farms alone, which are one of the biggest polluters, is even more disturbing, warn Animal Friends.

They consider that the good news in all of this is that choosing groceries and products of plant origin is a much easier and cheaper way forward than, for example, choosing to buy electric cars which is of, course, also something we should strive for. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, mushrooms, seeds and nuts are widely available and everyone can very easily include them in their nutrition instead of animal meat, eggs and milk.

Although some find it difficult to switch to a vegan diet, for millions of people, with great availability of information and the growing variety of vegan products, this is no problem. Already the next time you buy you can choose the plant-based product instead of the animal one. Vegan food is food for everyone and obviously very saving for the environment, important for our survival and also it can be helpful for our health because we can thank plant-based food for vitality, health and longevity, it is recommended by Animal Friends.

They remind us that the solution is literally in our hands, because catastrophic floods demand our seriousness, study of all causes, and consideration of consequences, as well as informing on the impact of nutrition on climate changes and prompt action in order to save our lives and the lives of others.

Animal Friends offers an abundance of information and recipes on their website and on http://www.veganopolis.net everyone can sign up for the Veggie Challenge and in the next 30 days try numerous recipes for delicious plant meals and learn a lot about the plant-based groceries, the negative impact of raising and eating animals on the environment and health, sustainable living and why now is the best time to switch to vegan nutrition.

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