12/09/21 International Animal Rights Day

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Animal Friends announces a performance on the occasion of International Animal Rights Day

11.12. 2021 at 11 a.m., Jelačić Square: Activists with photos of animal bodies will form a heart shape.

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, at 11 am, the Animal Friends Association will draw attention to the fact that all animals deserve consideration and compassion, as well as a life without exploitation, pain, and suffering. By creating a heart shape with their bodies and touching photos of animals, we will send a clear message: "Let's have a heart for animals!" The performance is held on the occasion of the International Day of Animal Rights, which has been celebrated since December 10, 1988, on the same date as the International Human Rights Day, to raise public awareness that endangering animal rights concerns us all. "

Just like us, animals have family, best friends, and prominent personalities. Among members of the same species, some are more frightened, some are braver than others, some prefer physical activity and adventure, and some prefer nothing more than a good sleep.

Animal Friends remind us that animals scream and writhe like us; their nervous system is similar to ours and contains the same biochemical elements that we know are related to the feeling of pain, just as their heart pumps blood and supplies every part of the body with oxygen, ”.
They add that if you put your head against any animal's chest, you can hear the beating heart, just like us: "animals are much more intelligent and complex than most people understand. By consuming their meat, wearing their fur, and justifying their suffering in zoos we cannot or do not want to notice it.

Anyone who truly connects a piece of meat on a plate or the skin on their shoes with an individual who above all had a desire for life embraces the very available alternatives to torturing and killing animals to participate in creating a better world for all beings. ”

Cows, which are among the most exploited animals in the world, enjoy mental challenges and are excited when overcoming obstacles using their own intellect. Cambridge researcher and professor Dr. Donald Broom said even brain waves display positive arousal in cows during a mental challenge. Likewise, scientists have confirmed that pigs have the cognitive skills of three-year-old human children, fish on the other hand possess social intelligence, respond to punishment just like us, and cooperate with partners in escaping predators. Chickens, for instance, make friends and live according to the principle of social hierarchy, and they even have cultural knowledge that they pass on to future generations. “

Most of us have felt the unconditional love of a dog or a cat. A lot of people talk to their cats and dogs every day and often connect with them more deeply than with any other human. This connection is not questioned and is not considered unusual because we selectively grant values and rights to certain animals. However, those animals that suffer in industries that exploit them for food, fur, leather, experiments, or human entertainment deserve the same love and connection. Nowadays, when we have unlimited choices and when there are more compassionate ways to eat, dress, have fun or educate, living without bringing suffering to animals is a matter of social justice, ”concluded Animal Friends.

We believe we all have a heart for animals, we just need to open it, take the time to learn how animals live and how we can help them. The Veggie Challenge, a free service for obtaining useful information and recipes for 30 days, can be found at www.veganopolis.net.

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