05/07/22 Every Mother Loves Her Child and Every Child Loves Her Mother

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On the occasion of Mother's Day, Animal Friends Croatia reminds us that love is not unique only to humans.

- Many animals cannot exercise their right to having a child connection and to motherhood.

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Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday in May, and this year the unconditional love between the mother and the child is celebrated on May 8th. Even though the mother and child connection is valued as precious, certain species are denied such connection and their reproductive system and motherhood are being exploited. Animal Friends Croatia appeals to all to find out about mothers of different species because motherhood is equally important to all: “Every mother loves her child and every child loves her mother, regardless of which race or species is in question”.

In the industry that sells animals as pets, mothers used for producing offspring live in extremely poor conditions and many die because of low hygienic conditions and inadequate care. Kennels for dogs, cats and exotic animals often seem like production facilities. If not satisfied with the quality of litter, offspring are killed in kennels, and females are forced to have repeated pregnancies and premature separation from children.

Meat industry is no more sympathetic to mothers… Mother pigs spend their lives trapped in metal cages, without the ability to turn to the other side or to stand up. In the dairy industry cows are subjected to repeated inseminations and pregnancies to produce milk. Around 225 million cows in the dairy industry work relentlessly to satisfy our huge appetite for milk which their bodies produce for their children. In the egg industry chickens are not considered living beings but efficient egg-making machines, and male chicks are suffocated by gas or grounded alive. The vast majority of animals are eaten while they are still children, forcibly separated from their mothers.

„These are just a few examples of manipulations of motherhood of conscious beings with various types of intelligence and refined emotional and social abilities. We invite all to think on Mother’s Day about mothers who cannot exercise their natural right to connect with their child, to inform themselves and to prepare a vegan meal and in this way celebrate mothers of all species”, Animal Friends Croatia states.

„It is divine to enjoy the cakes in which eggs are not used, and thus no mother chicks were tortured, same as drinking coffee with plant-based milk not causing any of mother cows being separated from their children. We can look forward to healthy and tasty dishes without meat, not thinking of mothers who give birth on concrete farm floors or in transportation trucks on the way to the slaughterhouses. Today, plant-based options are available for all and everyone can help to make this world a better place for all mothers. Mother’s Day is an excellent incentive to make the first step towards this.”, Animal Friends Croatia concludes.

Watch here a video from actress Emily Deschanel on the occasion of Mother’s Day

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