01/27/23 Matei Negovetic Calls for Veganuary

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Matei Negovetić shares advice for Veganuary and presents his favorite vegan recipe

-Croatia version of Veganuary, Veggie Challenge, available on www.veganopolis.net

Veganuary is close to ending, but for many, this is only a new beginning. It is never too late for positive changes with which we directly influence our own health, saving the animals and the planet. „Let’s choose compassion, respect, love and happiness every day, let’s be the voice of those who cannot make decisions for themselves, let’s help create a better world. Let us enjoy the abundance of various vegan products, exciting recipes and tasty meals“– Animal Friends Croatia says and points out that Veganuary and Veggie Challenge is for every day and not only for January.

Matei Negovetić agrees with them, a lover of cooking and a participant in the cooking show Masterchef: „To become a vegan means to be in harmony with your decision that we want good for ourself and for the beings surrounding us. We must keep in mind that this is a change of diet and way of living – and that is a process. A process in which we are building a new self, in which we create a new idea about ourselves and the world. In that process, there are ups and downs, but what is most important to keep in mind is – why we chose that; and to always return to that initial reason. That reason will then not stop us, will not drag us away from our decision, but will only reinforce all our decisions.“

The demand for vegan products was never higher, and them being more diverse. However, vegan meals can be quickly and simply prepared from fresh ingredients. A vegan meal can easily be adopted in a way that the animal ingredient is replaced with a plant-based one. „From my own experience, I can say that a vegan diet is interesting, fun, tasty, and diverse and that it creates, for all of us, possibilities for creativity, structural richness, tastes, and new ideas. At the same time, a vegan diet is quite sufficient and available for all that we want, for every goal we want to reach – mostly in a physical sense. And lastly, to be aware of what we eat is something that is of the best quality we can provide our body with, so it would return it in a same manner – in terms of possibilities, capabilities and simplicity“ – says Matei who designed and runs the Academy of plant-based cooking and a blog and a web page Plant-based full of taste.

There are many useful tips for cooks for those who wonder, for example, how to replace eggs in meal preparation, how to prepare plant-based mayonnaise, what are the alternatives for jelly and similar. Matei provides excellent advice for preparing legumes. “Diversity is a main precondition for diet sustainability. Nobody wants to be hungry and to feel “unhealthy”. That diversity lies in the seasonality of fruit and vegetables we consume; then in the legumes we intake; the source of protein that is on our plate; and lastly, in all that makes us happy, what is tasty to us and also interesting. For water soaking and cooking of legumes, I suggest using baking soda. For Veganuary I also prepared one proven recipe for a pita bread with baked chickpeas, hummus from beets and pickled vegetables.”

Animal Friends Croatia say that all who became vegan only regret they did not do it sooner and that it is never too late for positive changes. For all who thought they could never become vegan or know someone who said that, they suggest watching a short video prepared by PETA.

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