02/25/10 Tales from Your Own Faeces

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On February 25 at 7:00 P.M., we are continuing our series of lectures entitled "Tales from the Plate" with a lecture called "Tales from Your Own Faeces."

This is how Vedran Romac has announced his lecture:

... What was my grandmother telling me while they were slaughtering my friend?... Why did I want to smash the head of the pig my father and I were slaughtering?... Who are actually these fat, dirty, voracious pigs?... What do the pigs from PIK Vrbovec have to tell us?... and many other things... come and listen, and take someone with you if you think that I could win over his or her heart. Evaluate my presentation and give me support. Simply... listen to THEIR story and tell it to others – as their voice, as their friends! For they will have both if we decide to become that!
So don't miss the "Tales from Your Own Faeces," which will be told at the Cultural Information Centre, Preradoviceva 5.

For more information on the entire lecture series click here.

See you there!

February 25: "Tales from Your Own Faeces" [ 66.29 Kb ]February 25: "Tales from Your Own Faeces" [ 76.21 Kb ]February 25: "Tales from Your Own Faeces" [ 48.37 Kb ]February 25: "Tales from Your Own Faeces" [ 68.71 Kb ]

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