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Dear Friends,

We would like invite you to join Animal Friends and me as one of the World Animal Day ambassadors in its marking on October 4, 2009.

World Animal Day this year will be marked in 66 countries all over the world, so we invite you too to become part of this huge international event.

Also Animal Friends this year organizes the Animal Friends Days (October 1-4) which will be marked with public actions like information stalls, performances, tastings, promotions and a lecture in order to promote animal rights.

On World Animal Day, October 4, on the Zagreb lake Bundek under the organization of the City Department for the Agriculture and Forestry the miscellaneous program dedicated to animal protection will take place.

On the official web site of World Animal Day you can see how this day will be marked in other countries and get ideas how you can individually join in marking this day It is important to stress out that you can do anything in order to become active for animal protection on this day; you can find some suggestions here

We would like to invite you not to remain passive on this day but to send a letter or a release to your media, hand out leaflets, organize tabling or some attractive action, thus joining thousands of individuals and groups which will become animal advocates on this day.

With best regards,

Ivana Surjan
Animal Friends

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