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On the occasion of the International Animal Rights Day, Animal Friends would like to encourage you to do something good for non-human animals. You should also document your good deed in order to encourage others to do the same and to win our "Gift of Goodness."

You can help the animals in various ways. Try to fulfill some of the listed tasks and win our award! Between the brackets you will find the number of points you will get for each of your good deeds:

  1. Go vegan (+6) or at least vegetarian (+4)
  2. Make a decision to buy exclusively those products which have not been tested on animals (+3)
  3. Decide to buy non-animal clothing, like those made of pleather, faux fur, without wool, silk or feathers added (+3)
  4. Distribute printed materials on animal rights (+2)
  5. Collect at least 20 signatures on any given petition for animal rights (+2)
  6. Visit an animal shelter and donate old blankets (+2)
  7. Prepare a vegan meal for your family and/or friends (+2)
  8. Share the new lecture on your Facebook wall (+1)
  9. Donate some money to any given animal rights association or to a shelter (+2)

If you manage to collect at least six points, you will win our "Gift of Goodness," which varies in value according to the number of collected points. The more points you collect, the bigger your award will be, and the more you will help the animals.

In the multitude of gifts you can also get Sapunoteka's fragrant gift packs that consist of lotions and body creams, body scrub, bath salts and three beautiful soaps.

You should document your good deed on photographs and video clips, which are to be sent to before the end of the year, with your full name, contact telephone, and postal address.

And also get in touch if your own good deed is other than those listed above.

We are looking forward to your contributions!


Animal Friends

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