09/07/22 Educate Yourself with Japanese Sushi, Lebanese Falafel and Indian Samosas in a vegan version

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At the ZeGeVege 23rd and 24th September vegan restaurants offering traditional and international cuisine

- Positive and educative surrounding at ZeGeVege festival with tasty munchies and vegan cosmetics

ZeGeVege festival, the largest vegan festival in this part of Europe, is a popular two-day celebration of the life of all beings and an opportunity for the gathering of lovers of healthy and tasty foods in a relaxed, positive and friendly surrounding.

Many can hardly wait for the 23rd and 24th of September, 2022. when the main Zagreb square will be full of vegan food and cosmetics manufacturers that are not tested on animals as well as restaurants with excellent street-food offerings. Soy Bolognese, hog-dogs, burgers, raw cakes, ice creams, chocolates, strudels, fresh smoothies, kombucha drinks, and specialties from various parts of the world such as Japanese sushi, tantan-noodle, kushi-katsu, gyoza or mochi, Indian samosas or Lebanese falafel are just a few of the products that will lure numerous visitors.

Through texts on educative panels and by following the interviews of the host, Sara Mešin, with influential persons in the vegan world, among which are also experts in nutritionism and ecology, valuable information can be obtained on the benefits of a vegan way of life. All visitors will also receive a brochure with recipes, vegan trends and other useful information and interesting facts. During both days there will be an interesting program for children and adults. Animal Friends Croatia on Friday, 23rd of September, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. announce “Truth Cube”, a static public performance during which masked activists will show footage from industries that exploit animals and educate all interested visitors.

Love and compassion towards the animals, the desire for better health and care for the environment and the planet are the incentives number of people to turn to veganism. Events such as ZeGeVege are good starting points for connecting with like-minded people, getting to know the cuisine offerings and obtaining education on how to start that lifestyle.

„Taking into consideration that raising animals for food causes almost 50% of water pollution in Europe, affects global warming more than the entire world traffic and destroys our planet on all levels, we invite all to find out how to turn that wheel the other way at the ZeGeVege festival. All visitors have the opportunity, in a fun way and with good food, to learn about reducing the natural consumption resources, reducing environmental pollution and preventing climate changes, as all listed start from the plate”, state Animal Friends Croatia.

ZeGeVege festival on sustainable living, which is organized on a non-profit basis by Animal Friends Croatia, is a huge contribution towards creating of green and a sustainable policy and a healthier society. Therefore, it is an important event for the City of Zagreb and the whole of Croatia, in which the “Low-carbon Development Strategy” was adopted, and where the plant-based diet was declared as “medicine” for mitigating climate changes and stopping the cause of global warming.

Animal Friends Croatia invites all to follow numerous events of the 14th ZeGeVege festival and the list of exhibitors and other participants on www.zegevege.com and on Facebook page of the ZeGeVege festival: www.facebook.com/ZeGeVegeFestival.

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