08/30/23 Everything is Ready for the 15th ZeGeVege Festival!

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Venezuelan arepas, Lebanese falafel and Japanese mochi in vegan version at the ZeGeVege

- Mayor Tomašević will visit the ZegeVege on Friday and President Milanović on Saturday

Domestic producers’ valued hands skillfully packed their tasty plant-based products and scented cosmetics, and the restaurants are having final preparations for the fresh ingredients for the finest meals with which they will lure us towards the European Square. T-shirts have prints with compassionate messages, and sanctuary and association volunteers are ready to present their work and their proteges… In short, everything is ready for the 15th ZeGeVege Festival!

With an appeal from Goran Višnjić, Animal Friends Croatia invites all who want fun and education to, this Friday and Saturday, 1st and 2nd of September, 2023, head towards the Zagreb European Square. There they will be met by over 70 exhibitors and six restaurants who will show them that our and foreign farms and producers have plenty to offer when we talk about plant-based products. Thousands of visitors who are arriving from various cities will prove that the demand for them is just as large in all of Croatia.

From the Association Animal Friends Croatia, on the eve of the greenest first September weekend, invite all to a two-day celebration of compassion, environment protection and health: „We invite everyone to come and with their arrival take a first step in learning about the vegan food and the sustainable way of life. Taste everything you are offered, win something in our prize game, enjoy the special discounts, talk with worthy exhibitors, listen to the educative program on the stage and fit into the positive vibe of Croatian Vegan mania. We will greet you with a smile on the face!”

On wooden benches in the middle of the European Square, in the shade of parasols, all will be able to try delicacies of domestic, Thai, Lebanese, Japanese, Indian and Venezuelan vegan cuisine. From arepa and falafel to burgers and mochis – something for everyone can be found! Attention will surely be attracted also to vegan sausages and cheese, lavender flavor kombucha, vegan milk chocolate, fruit yogurt and hazelnut spread. Some exhibitors will even have edible spoons and straws.

As Animal Friends Croatia states, one thing is certain: no one will leave ZeGeVege Festival hungry, with empty linen bags, without a recipe brochure, or without new knowledge about why vegan food can save the World. What we as individuals can do to reduce the ecological debt, why we choose veganism for the purpose of saving the sea, how to be cruelty-free in a cruel world and many more useful things you will be able to hear from the long-time activists, cooks, nutritionists, athletes and others who will be talking to the program announcer. Among them will also be Lidija Lijić, The Face of the 15th ZeGeVege and the Guinness record holder for the deepest dive in the World.

From information panels, it will be possible to find out why it is necessary to stop climate change and to switch food production to plant-based, which means a healthier, more sustainable and fairer system. The youngest await creative workshops about textile recycling. The Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomašević, will visit the ZeGeVege on Friday and the President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, on Saturday.

By visiting the ZeGeVege Festival you will show all why it is important through life choices to contribute to reducing of use of natural resources, reducing environmental pollution and preventing climate change as all of the listed starts at the plate.

With the patronage of the City of Zagreb, the sincere support to the most popular Croatian festival on sustainable living is also provided by: the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatian Parliament – Committee for Environment and Nature Protection, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and Sports and also the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

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